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RhetoricLee Speaking


Welcome to the RhetoricLee Speaking Podcast

If Ben Stein and the Kardashians had a baby that were raised by Janeane Garofalo in a recording studio, you’d have RhetoricLee Speaking. Listen every Tuesday for a whirlwind tour of banality across pop culture, political controversy, and whatever was on Netflix at 3 am. Watch the video trailer!

Linguistic Reparations, Or Why I Don’t Say Ni**

I’ve had several casual conversations in previous months. Some of those conversations were with other white people, cuz, you know, they be around. And thricely, on three separate occasions, with three separate white people, a white person said, in full lettering, the racial slur n word, as “n-i-****”. Don’t ask…

Suddenly Nothing Changed: Why Epiphanies are Cliche

With New Year’s fast approaching, we are all in store for our usual turning-of-the clock epiphany. Suddenly, everything changes and, at that moment, we just know. Even though calendars are made up and dates are arbitrary, still, you will be convinced that the changing of that fourth number on the…

Fake it Till You Make It: Ethos, Rhetorical Leadership, Code Switching, and King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead

What’s up rhetoric nerds? Welcome back to RhetoricLee Speaking, a podcast committed to banishing banality one speech at a time. I love King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead. And it’s not just cause he’s a stone cold fox. Although certainly he’s that.  No. I love King Ezekiel because he is…

Anec-don’ts and Insta-fails: Storytelling, social media marketing, and Jenna Kutcher of Goal Digger

I love fewer things more than a really good story. But I loathe anecdotes. I know, I know. What possible bone could I have to pick with anecdotes? What, on earth, has she found to bitch about now? Those quick little examples, quirky little stories, that we tell to harmlessly…

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