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rhetoric: how we use language and how languages uses us

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Live life to the fullest; honesty is the best policy; the early bird gets the worm. I get why people use cliches but I don’t accept it. I accept nothing less for you than the intriguing, the interesting, the insightful.

My name is Lee Pierce, sometimes host, sometimes hostess of RhetoricLeeSpeaking and if I hear one more platitude out of your mouth, I’m going to lose my shit. Hackneyed expressions may be easy and they may be safe but the cost is that you’ll die without ever having thought anything worth thinking or said anything worth saying and it doesn’t matter whether you’re me or Beyonce or the President of the United States or Rachel Hollis or some random white lady in a Target parking lot. And the worst part is, you’ll drag everyone else down with you.

Luckily, you’ve got me and a new episode of RhetoricLee Speaking dropping every Tuesday until the apocalypse happens or I run out of things to say. While you wait, you can listen to my interviews for the New Books Network or eagerly await my new book, Syntaxing the Social: Readings of the Rhetorical Present, available December 2020.

You could also go clear your Insta feed of anything featuring a hazy mountain or grassy pasture with block text on top of it telling you to seize the moment or some other trite nonsense.

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